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Niños leyendo al aire libre



This is a project that arises from the need to provide our children and young people with the tools they need to "be" and to "live". The objective is that this learning helps them to become the best version of themselves, through constructive values and the development of their emotional capacities, so that they can become happy children and, over time, useful members of society. responsible and caring adults who can improve things for the next generations.


The method is easy to implement in education if we unite, since the biggest problem in educational centers is due to intolerance to diversity (and in the world as well, in fact), it is about moving through the different diversities by courses , through emotions, empathy, and individual and collective responsibility.


It is not just another workshop or subject, but rather to implement a new model of accompaniment in schools, in which the most humane side prevails, and which favors the development of the emotional skills that our young people will need for life. life. The final objective is inclusion and equality as the cornerstone of an education based on solid principles, and the best thing is that this transversal education would not affect the regulated agenda, so even if it continued to change with each government, the centers could continue accompanying our young people in a more global and humanistic way, thus improving, from below and among all, the education of our children.

The world can improve, we can help the new generations to be better, and there is only one way, through education.

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"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world".

Nelson Mandela

Niño con balón de fútbol


New educational paradigm


Equality and inclusion

diversity integration

Emotional learning

Development of emotional skills


Union make force


Clase al aire libre

Student training

The objective is that this learning helps our boys and girls to discover and accept themselves as they are, accompanying them on the path to becoming the best version of themselves, through constructive values and the development of their emotional capacities, which help them deal with the adversities of their lives, and allow them to enjoy the present moment, and learning as a method of developing their innate abilities.

 It is about learning to know one's own emotions and those of others through diversity, thus generating in a natural and fluid way the empathy, inclusion and equality necessary for a peaceful coexistence and a more global and humane learning.

Teacher training

Method of accompaniment in the classrooms by which teachers will obtain tools to emotionally accompany their students from love, tolerance and participatory management.

Guardería diurna

Emotional Eaters

School canteens are services that are difficult to manage given that the children who use them spend almost more time at school than at home, and this is a space where there is a lot of free time in which conflicts continually emerge. But it is possible to turn this time into a wonderful opportunity to put into practice resources such as conflict resolution, assertive communication, empathy... and that results in a peaceful coexistence and mutual aid.

Pausa para almorzar


Teaching materials on emotional skills and types of diversity

Arte y Diversión


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Instagram: @mipequenaunicornio

Facebook: Celia Soro Coicaud

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