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About us

A drop in the middle of the ocean

We are people who continue to believe that improving things is possible, a working group that has professionals in the education of children, based on emotional intelligence, and the implementation of management systems, which, with the help of parents volunteers, it has proposed to improve the education of our children in the field of their early training so that they can face the challenges of life, without having to give up who they really are and what they expect of it.
Our philosophy is based on the fact that it seems important to us to recognize that every person has a purpose in life, a unique gift, or a special talent to offer to others, and that, therefore, it is necessary for it to be developed throughout of your life so that you feel fully fulfilled. No one better than parents is more aware of this, and yet there are still many children who, unfortunately, are not always lucky enough to receive this help within their family.
Of course, schools or the different reception centers for disadvantaged children cannot replace this valuable education of parents, but we understand that the introduction and application of emotional intelligence, together with a minimum system of organization and monitoring of results could offer them an opportunity to discover and apply concepts as valuable as self-knowledge, self-esteem, empathy and solidarity, in their behavior.
Said like that, they seem like very technical things, things for adults, of course, but in reality it is about things of affection... things that can be given to children simply by playing with them, valuing their attitudes, setting good examples, committing to accompany them in their growth, and in those aspects of life that they do not understand and that they do not know how to manage. It is about children learning to talk to each other and to manage their differences peacefully, always under the supervision of trained educators and without them having to impose their authority for the mere fact of being adults. In this way, it is common to observe a reduction in conflict between the different social agents, thus facilitating the training work of these centers. In short, it is about children feeling listened to and valued for who they are. 
This world needs every human being, their abilities, their goodwill and altruism to improve, and this change cannot be made in any other way than through education and example.

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Offer a practical, innovative and quality training experience to education professionals, and to the students of the centers themselves, in order to increase their emotional competencies.


To be considered by our clients as a solution to the conflicts and coexistence problems of the centers, offering a quality service based on educational innovation, permanent updating and professionalism of the work team.


Our way of working is marked by the values of Quality, Innovation, Commitment, Teamwork, Improvement and Trust.

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